I began my journey into computers at a very young age, building my first computer at 6 years old and programed my first game at the age of 7. I have always had a deep ideological relationship with computers and their role in decentralization. I began my university studies in software engineering, but quickly realized the human aspect was where my heart resided. After completing studies in psychology and pure sciences, I bridged the gap by focusing on perceptual and computational neuropsychology. I started mining Bitcoin in 2010 but realized Proof of Work would not be able to provide me with the decentralization dream I was so fond of. I co-founded one of the early Crypto education groups in 2016. In my professional life, I worked for the Canadian Federal Government as an economist and a policy advisor, and then worked in communications for an elected National political representative in Canada. I left National politics to pursue my passion in crypto assets and EOS – founding EOS Nation early in 2018. I am passionate about blockchain technology and the decentralized future that EOS will bring. I am fluent in Japanese having spent the early part of my formative adult years living in Japan.