Full-time responsibilities include: Legal, Financial, French Community Engagement

Earning his Engineering degree at UNI, Vincent worked as an Engineer for the structural engineering firm FIRM

Ever since Vincent started his Engineering degree, he was passionate about business finance, management and systems. He worked as an Engineer for a Structural Engineering firm where he helped build the accounting and management software. Vincent devoured many business and investing books in the past years that have shaped his mind to enable him to grow businesses in a predictable and productive way.  
Vincent’s investing passion eventually led him to Bitcoin and then EOS, where he got hooked. He now eats, sleeps and breathes EOS since the project’s announcement in 2017. He is incredibly enthusiastic about the project and the future it will bring. These days, Vincent manages the legal, fiscal and financial side of EOS Nation and educates the French community through educational videos. While travelling to Switzerland, France and across Quebec, Vincent has hosted over 10 EOS Nation meetups across the world in 2018, educating countless individuals and blockchain projects on the potential of the EOS network.