Background in business, education, and for the past several years, blockchain. I worked in education 8 years 2 of which were in administration, recently going full time into EOS and EOS Nation. Worked on several business startups in my career, from business consulting to education. Always looking toward the future and following great people, I came across EOS shortly after its crowdfund launch, quickly realizing its potential I slowly moved my crypto-portfolio to an all in status.

Following the blockchain space since 2010 and big names like (Andreas Antonopoulos), I was a bitcoin maximalist for a long time. Then I grew tired of the lack of progress, realized it was no longer making sense as a P2P money or scaling solution due to miner control and fees.

I’ve always been interested in economics, but am convinced that markets are manipulated. I Iived through the Internet boom, housing bust, and Financial Crisis, and am an original RON PAUL 2008 supporter. I'm driven to continue my study of free-market economics; am a big fan of Peter Schiff, Marc Faber & Milton Friedman. I also enjoy and stay on the forefront of technology so when I saw the man Dan Larimer "programmer and free-market economist" (boom). #allinEOS