Elim Herr

Community Manager

My Beliefs: I am a libertarian, crypto enthusiast, husband, father, free thinker. I believe in decentralizing the world, by empowering communities and ideas through DAC’s. We as people around the world are moving away from big government control through financial oppression, to building a world of value for everyone, not just the top of the pyramid. We as early adopters to this revolutionary technology need to do our part in educating people on the power blockchain has to move the world forward into this new paradigm. I believe we are on the forefront of an historic shift in power, money, and most importantly, TRUST. The next 5-10 years we will possibly see a complete shift from an old, outdated, corrupt system, into what I believe to be a much more pure, trustless, world-wide experiment in value creation, transaction, and most importantly GROWTH. I value this chance to do my part in spreading awareness of the possibilities we as people have, to build this new system for ourselves and our children. As a new father, it inspires me to do everything I can, to ensure my child has a bright, promising future. I am grateful for the opportunity to join EOS NATION as an ambassador. Exciting times are ahead, let's all build this future we envision together!