EOS Nation - Block Producer

Official block producer candidate name

EOS Nation

Location of company headquarters


Expected location of servers

Hybrid approach - Cloud (AWS) for main full node & backup/secondary full nodes located in different geographical regions using bare metal.

  • For the cloud infrastructure we will be hosting our virtual instances with AWS Canada in the Canada (Central) region.
  • Bare Metal: The first two cities chosen by EOS Nation will be involved in the initial EOS testnet, the following expansion cities will soon follow after the EOS launch date.
  • Toronto, ON (testnet)
  • Ottawa, ON (testnet)
  • Montreal, QC (proposed)
  • Calgary, AB (proposed)
  • Vancouver, BC (proposed)

Technical Specifications


Proposed technical specifications and total expenditure of resources for BP.Notes:

  • Due to AWS's geographical hardware limitations, 4TB RAM is currently not available in AWS's Canada (Central) region.
  • EOS.io has not yet defined the EOS Storage contract, the BP storage requirements may be upgraded and are subject to change if deemed valuable to the community.

Common Hardware Specifications

  • Geographical Region Toronto, Canada
  • Geopolitical Region: Canada
  • Operating System Ubuntu Server 16.10

BP "appointed"

If EOS Nation is "appointed" as Block Producer, only 1 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance will be running the main BP for the duration of the first election.

  • Nodes 1x EC2 (x1.32xlarge)
  • vCPUs 128 Cores
  • Memory 2TB RAM
  • Storage (IPFS) 2 x 1920GB (SSD)
  • Network 25 Gigabit

BP "elected"

If EOS Nation is "elected" as Block Producer, two Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances will be running as full EOS nodes. In the event of a failure of the main BP node, the secondary BP node will act as a backup and will become the main node. Minimal downtime shall be the main priority in case of a full node failure.

  • Nodes 2x EC2 (x1.32xlarge)
  • vCPUs 128 Cores
  • Memory 2TB RAM
  • Storage (ipfs) 2 x 1920GB (SSD)
  • Network 25 Gigabit

Scaling Plan

Each major Canadian city will be expected to host an EOS full node which will be under the support of EOS Nation. Proper training of setting up & maintaining an EOS full node will be provided by EOS Nation. Once a city has proven they have the technical knowledge and bare metal hardware to provide support as a full node, their node will be added to the EOS Nation cluster BP and they will start to collect EOS Rewards.

Geographical Expansion

Planned will require to be fully operational before June 3, 2018.

Proposed are not required to be operational before June 3, 2018.

  • Montreal, QC
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Calgary, AB

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