Tony Rose


Hi! My name is Tony Rose and I am a serial entrepreneur based in the Bay Area. I studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley and have been working at the forefront of tech for close to 18 years. I have started companies in the eCommerce, Internet Radio, Mobile & Telecommunications. One of my favorite experiences to share is running the Internet Radio station from a warehouse in San Francisco for 4 years broadcasting our favorite local techno DJ’s most evenings while doing contract software development work for various startups during the day. I went on to work for the company that created the first ever consumer smart phone, Danger, with the “Sidekick” device. In my opinion the Sidekick is still the best UI/UX for a phone device because of its messaging centric design. After Danger, I started a company called Drop In Media that operated a brand called “1st To Know” and we delivered MMS messages of breaking news, weather and sports to over 500,000 people daily as part of the white label services “Verizon Alerts”, “T-Mobile Alerts”, and “Cricket Alerts”. I discovered Blockchain technology while working at Vantiv, the largest credit card processing company in the US by volume, where I was product owner for digital wallets and in charge of the roll out of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. I was able to see how the legacy payments system was very inefficient and slow to innovate and became interested in blockchain. As I learned more, I became more interested until realizing that this technology was going to fundamentally re-wire the economic fabric of the world, and I wanted to be a part of bringing this vision into reality. I am very passionate about the opportunity for blockchain to provide an opportunity for developing and emerging economies to leapfrog the developed world – and I consult with a company called on helping to bring this to reality. Anyone in the world with a smart phone and internet connection will be able to have a digital wallet that will allow them to safely and securely take custody of their assets and identity. By empowering anyone to have digital custody of assets and identity they can enter into digital marketplaces that will offer efficiencies for the local economy and economic empowerment for the individual. I am also very interested in the applications of blockchain for supply-chain and supply-finance. I am currently the CTO for, and These are both companies that are based in Wyoming, USA which is becoming one of the most crypto and blockchain friendly jurisdictions in the United States. I am also a crypto-activist, participating in lobbying efforts in Wyoming and California helping to educate lawmakers on the benefits of Blockchain technology. I am very excited by the potential that the EOS network offers for software developers and entrepreneurs. This is a very exciting time to be alive and I can’t wait to see how the ecosystem and applications develop over the coming years. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the EOS community, and an Ambassador for EOS Nation. I look forward to bringing the EOS Nation community along with me on my crypto adventures wherever they may take me!