Thierry Stoudmann


I first touched a computer in 1983, for a Pacman session, on a black and green cathodic screen. I was straight away fascinated by computers. Surrounded by many engineers inside my family, my understanding for new techs raised all naturally. My interest for new technologies never went down since. Graduated from the Benedict School in Geneva (Commercial) in 1998, I firstly had the intention to become an asset manager and started my carrier two months later in a big swiss bank. For a period of 3 years, I have been learning and witnessing how the financial planet was functioning. As my consciousness extended quickly about the finality of what I was doing everyday and as I wanted to stay aligned with my values which are honesty, integrity and transparency, I had to take the decision to exit the banking industry definitively. Then a new chapter of my life began. A chapter done of militancy to change our world and denounce our rigged economic system. I joined what is known in the french speaking world the « altermondialist » movement. Through the altermondialist movement, in 2002, during the counter-info summit in Geneva, I have met the world of Linux and learned about the Free Software Foundation for the first time. I started studying the philosophy of Richard Stallman, from whom I became a great admirer. Since, I am a 100 % happy Linux User. I did not learn yet how to code but my desire is strong. Then, arrived the 2008 economical crisis and a few month later, Bitcoin was offered to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since 2013, I have followed the evolution of the blockchain world and, when I have discovered the EOS Project in 2017, I could not believe my eyes! After a few days learning about EOS and Daniel Larimer through articles and videos, I was sure I had find the most disruptive and powerful project of the entire blockchain world! Since, my fascination for EOS never stopped growing. I do strongly believe EOS has the potential to become our next, secure, version of the internet. I do strongly believe EOS is going to change our world ! GO EOS ! Vote for EOS NATION as Block Producer ! Thierry