Rory Mapstone


As a founder and Chief Technical Officer in a telecommunications software company specialising in the analysis of call records for 18 years, Rory is used to what it takes to operate systems at scale. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2014 and although he found decentralisation and blockchain incredibly exciting it was clear that the technology just was not ready for mainstream adoption. After discovering EOS in early 2018 and porting some small projects to the blockchain, Rory decided that EOS was a real game changer. For the first time it was possible to execute blockchain transactions almost instantly at scale. With his exit from the telecommunications and driven by his passion for EOS, Rory has founded a local EOS community in his hometown, Pretoria, and is actively engaging with local blockchain enthusiasts to establish development skills and generally build interest around EOSIO. In addition, he plans to start to participate in EOS projects aimed at the African market.