Patrick Schmid

“Patrick discovered the Blockchain in 2016 when he first started playing around with smart contracts on Ethereum.  In November 2017, Patrick realized that Ricardian contracts and the “Intent of the Code” could deliver Everyone’s Open Society (EOS) and with it bring about a new way to transact across borders with equality, on a censorship resistant and governed blockchain.
As a passionate EOS enthusiast, Patrick is driven by his desire to create decentralized solutions by coding interfaces and tools for the community using the EOS.IO technology. As an Ambassador for EOS Nation, Patrick is helping to grow EOS adoption in the French and German regions of Switzerland by hosting events and educating his community. Patrick wants to facilitate the transfer of EOS knowledge and does so by attending various local networking meetups and events on Bitcoin and blockchain in general.
Involved in the IT Sector since 1995 as Software Engineer doing CRM – ERP – BI for several companies in Switzerland, Patrick founded his first IT Consulting Company in 2006 and has consistently delivered among the years “an all-in-one Platform with a Swiss made Toolkit called GESTech” tailored to the customer’s needs in sectors such as – Retail POS, Industry, Environment, Healthcare and other ‘smart’ sectors.” In February 2018 he founded NovaCrypto LTD. A startup aimed to bind the centralized world with the decentralized world. One of the main goals is to shift the identified processes/transactions from the GESTech to the EOS Blockchain Platform for the most suitable decentralization.