Masenko Yaroslav


Hi, my name is Masenko Yaroslav, I am currently 24 y.o. with a  Masters of Business Administration, President's Academy from Ukraine. As an entrepreneur, I own a bakery and a Sneakers shop in Odessa. As an artist, I am in the progress of building a cartoon studio and I am also passionate about writing and listening to music. I love shawarma, travelling and trying something new.  I believe in a decentralized future and want to make sure my country is an active participant in the blockchain revolution.


I discovered EOS even before the ICO and after long researches I came to believe in the EOS project and understood that this blockchain network can really change the world. I think that it's very important for my country and I'll help her to use this excellent product in future in whatever way I can.

However, I'm not a dev, so one way how I can realize my ambitions is through the education process of my local community. Joining the EOS Nation Ambassador team is a great opportunity for me to build the future of my country and to help each other reach our common goals.