David Bigley

EOS Nation Ambassador

Being a lover of freedom and entrepreneurship, I started a landscaping business in 2013 after earning my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Studies. Intrigued with Bitcoin and the implications of a decentralized, trustless monetary system, I began pursuing a deeper understanding in the blockchain space beginning in the summer of ’17. A new passion had been ignited. The implications of Moore’s Law revealed to me the importance and urgency of steering technology in a positive direction to empower people and enrich the human experience.

Before long, I came across an interview with EOS’ founder Dan Larimer. Dan’s philosophy of voluntary association and life mission “to find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all” greatly resonated with me. Not only was Dan’s philosophy aligned with my own, but his expertise and success in building other projects like Bitshares & Steemit was incredibly promising. His implementation of solutions to the problems in scalability, governance, adaptability, and incentive structures in the EOS platform made it apparent that EOS was in a unique position to be the leading infrastructure for innovation of decentralized applications. I am happy to be working with EOS Nation to grow the EOS community in the Philadelphia region. My purpose backed with passion is to educate others on all things EOS!